महान्यायाधिवक्ताको कार्यालय र मातहतका सरकारी वकील कार्यालयहरुले संविधान र कानून बमोजिम सम्पादन गर्ने काम कारवाहीका सम्बन्धमा कुनै सल्लाह, सुझाव, जिज्ञासा वा गुनासा भए महान्यायाधिवक्ताको कार्यालयको टोल फ्रि टेलिफोन नं. १६६०-०१-८८९९९ मा सम्पर्क गर्नु हुन अनुरोध छ ।

Attorney General

Attorney General is the chief legal advisor of Government of Nepal and chief public prosecutor of Nepal. The Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 (part 16) describes Attorney General as one of the constitutional bodies. The provisions of the Constitution and other legislative enactments shall govern the appointment, power, function, and extra jurisdictional status of Attorney General of Nepal.

Appointment of Attorney General

According to the constitutional provision, Attorney General is appointed by the President on the recommendation of Prime Minister. No person shall be eligible for the post of Attorney General unless he/she is qualified to be appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court as Article 134 Sub-article (2) of the Constitution describe. As Attorney General is an appointee of President, the appointment seems more political than academic though in practice there are highly academic and experienced persons being appointed in the post of Attorney General. Attorney General is responsible towards Prime Minister for any job he has performed.

महान्यायाधिवक्तावाट जिल्ला सरकारी वकील कार्यालयको भवन उद्‍घाटन

माननिय महान्यायाधिवक्ता श्री बाबुराम कुँवरज्यूले एक समारोहका विच मिति २०७१/११/२७ गते जिल्ला सरकारी वकील कार्यालय बाँकेको नव-निर्मित भवनको उद्घाटन गर्नुभयो यसै गरी महान्यायाधिवक्ता बाबुराम कुँवरवाट २०७१/११/३० गते जिल्ला सरकारी वकील कार्यालय¸कञ्‍चनपुरको नव- निर्मित भवनको उद्घाटन गर्नुभयो ।